vineri, 22 martie 2013

India - The end.

I can reduce the entire trip to India to a single idea: find your fulfillment (salvation, peace, rediscover yourself…) through yourself, without expecting this from others. Or from the gods.

Read more. Travel more. Listen harder. Try to understand. As much as possible. Try to accept. As much as possible. You will not achieve any of this if you do nothing, except sit around and pray to the gods. Whether it is an elephant, a monkey or is named Allah, Shiva or God. Or if you go purify yourself in the Ganges or in the Danube. You can gargle for as long as you want, you will still remain a narrow-minded individual. Still one who throws his/her garbage all around and will live with it, through it…
In order to became a better person you need to overcame your limited state.

For India I can see no way out. I see only a hope. As long as there are peple like Harish (and his family), Yousuf and Monico I can still hope that the bug of goodwill can spread. In the heap of filth that is India today.
But these are some hopes. Out of 1.2 billion…

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